About Kathy

Kathy Mann is a champion for living with passion. She believes in not wasting one minute in a job that doesn't inspire you. She believes in living up to your potential and harnessing all your innate talents. She is fascinated by those who are living their true calling each day.

Kathy experienced a burnout and developed an autoimmune disease from living a life that was not aligned to her talents and strengths. From this experience, she changed career paths from business owner to writer and speaker. Her work is now in alignment with her talents and strengths. She writes an honest blog about her journey of recovery and towards self-actualisation.

"Writing is where I find my joy. It's my method of being true to myself." ~ Kathy Mann

Kathy has written numerous articles, both on her experiences in business and software, as well as in the wellness arena. She has written a book on her burnout and has identified seven strategies for self-preservation. Kathy also enjoys public speaking and conducting workshops around the concepts in her book. Please use the Contact page for quotes on speaking and workshops.

Kathy is a wife and mother of two daughters, based in Johannesburg South Africa. She is as passionate about motherhood as she is about her work. Kathy is a proponent of a healthy lifestyle as part of a healthy whole person.

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