Avoiding Burnout

A heartfelt account of how Kathy got sick from stress and how she transformed her life.

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Refreshing insight into moving away from stress and towards peace.

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Guidance towards a better life, using research-based happiness strategies.

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Avoiding Burnout is a story of triumph. It’s a personal and heartfelt



Kathy is passionate about teaching people how to see the positive motivation


Reframing Stress

Kathy offers workshops and webinars, with practical knowledge and tools to deal


I’m writing a book using the agile process from the software development industry. It’s an experiment but the theory is that the end product should be of higher quality and provide better meaning to my customers (readers). This is done by releasing one chapter at a time and in gathering reader input along the way. This method will also mitigate the risk of writing a book that no-one wants or needs.


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