About Kathy

Kathy Mann is a champion for living with passion. She believes in living up to your potential and harnessing all your innate talents. She is fascinated by stress and burnout and how we can use stress as fuel to thrive.

Life for Kathy wasn’t always as joyful as it is now. A few years ago, she was a business owner and managing director, handling millions of rands a month on behalf of clients. She was an ultramarathon runner and a busy wife and mother.

Kathy experienced a burnout: she developed a stress-induced autoimmune disease from living a life that was not aligned to her talents and strengths. She spent many months of her recovery time researching what makes a happy life and how to shift from the depths of fatigue into living a life of thriving.

She discovered her own passions and changed career paths to writer and speaker. Her work is now in alignment with her who she is and she is experiencing much more joy because of it.

Writing is where I find my joy. It’s my method of being true to myself. ~ Kathy Mann

Kathy wrote her first book about her experience of burnout (Avoiding Burnout: The Seven Principles of Self Preservation). Through her own story, she highlights signposts for others who are affected by stress and burnout.

Her second book, Harnessing Stress, is about how to use stress as fuel to thrive. Kathy inspires others to transform their lives, even in small ways towards a more joy and peace. Her principles can be used as a way to live an authentic life, to find more joy and to ensure that stress doesn’t create lifelong illness.

Kathy enjoys speaking and conducting workshops around the concepts in her books. Contact Kathy for information on pricing and availability.