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Avoiding Burnout is a story of triumph. It’s a personal and heartfelt account of how Kathy got sick from stress and how she transformed her life into one of joy. She was a business owner and managing director, an ultra marathon runner and a busy wife and mother. She thought she had it all. Kathy didn’t realise that doing the wrong work in a stressful environment would result in a lifelong autoimmune disease and several years of recovery. Her seven principles of self-preservation were developed to help you to identify possible areas of your life that may lead to stress-induced illness, allowing you to take action.

Harnessing Stress is a reflection of how Kathy’s life shifted when she learnt how to work with her physiology. Instead of fearing and avoiding stress, Kathy has learnt how to harness it and use its power to thrive. The book blends together Kathy’s research, beautiful nuggets of wisdom from everyday people as well as the advice of international experts in stress management, happiness and wellbeing. This book is a powerful tool to transform the way you see stress and to feel empowered in the face of adversity.