Avoiding Burnout: The Seven Principles of Self Preservation


Avoiding Burnout is a story of triumph. It’s a personal and heartfelt account of how Kathy got sick from stress and how she transformed her life into one of joy. She was a business owner and managing director, an ultramarathon runner and a busy wife and mother. She thought she had it all. Kathy didn’t realise that doing the wrong work in a stressful environment would result in a lifelong autoimmune disease and several years of recovery.

Kathy realised that her life was broken. She spent her recovery time researching how to build a happy life, reading over thirty books on positive psychology, resilience and happiness. She tested each happiness-inducing strategy and incorporated the ones that resonated with her, into her life. During this process, the Seven Principles of Self-Preservation emerged. Kathy shares her lessons and her story with the aim of helping others to avoid burnout and serious illness from stress. She also acts as a guide to those who wish to build a happy and authentic life.

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