Harnessing Stress


Stress is not something that can be dominated, suppressed or avoided. It is possible to learn how to harness it, however. In understanding the way our brains and bodies react in supporting us through stressful situations, we can learn to embrace stress and to use it to our advantage. Learning to appreciate the responses of our bodies to stressful situations and figuring out how to embrace stress, leads to higher resilience. Stress can help us to forge deeper relationships, achieve our dreams and learn from our mistakes. Research shows that our beliefs about stress affect our productivity, happiness and longevity. This book will show you how to shift your beliefs in a positive way around stress and adversity, leading you towards happiness and success.

This book could be the catalyst you’ve been waiting for to learn how to harness stress and to thrive in today’s world.  Harnessing Stress is for working mothers, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to learn how to embrace the stress in their lives.

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