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Weekly emails include an explanatory video on a stress-related topic, an article and tools or exercises to try in your own life. These tools are based on research and offer an opportunity to gain new insights and knowledge in boosting resilience and gaining confidence in handling life’s adversities.


The Resilience Boost is a weekly email containing a video, an article and tools or practices relating to a topic. Brought  to you by author Kathy Mann, covering aspects linked to stress and as always, all material is backed by research.  The topics covered include addressing overthinking, developing self-compassion, boosting willpower, gaining resilience and many other meaningful topics relating to stress and resilience.

Each topic has a simple explanation video, an article and further information for those who wish to delve deeper. I also include videos, tools, exercises and practices that offer the opportunity to practice what has been learned. Each week we cover a new topic and over time, the collection of this knowledge offers a deeper understanding of how stress works and how we can make stress work for us. My aim is to equip you with knowledge and tools to feel empowered in life, to avoid burnout and to life a full and happy life. This desire comes from my own experience of burnout which significantly affected my life and my family. My hope is that you can learn to avoid the suffering and expense of a stress-induced illness.

Life becomes richer and more rewarding when we feel prepared to address the stressors in our lives. Resilience Boost is a way to keep focused on building capacity to tackle life’s adversities when they arise. Stress is with us regardless of what we do, but we can learn to work with it, boosting resilience so that we can cope better through challenges.

Sign up for your weekly Resilience Boost and start benefiting from this beautiful knowledge in a relevant and meaningful field.

If you’d prefer to have a once off session to discuss your particular focus area, please contact me or sign up for 5 Steps to Reframing Stress.


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