Kathy’s experience of burnout revealed many personal insights. She realised that doing work that is opposite to your strengths and talents is harmful to your health. She realised that many of her relationships were not healthy. She realised that stress can have lifelong health consequences. These insights made her want to share the lessons she learnt with others so that she could halt the process of stress and illness. She aims to guide others towards a happier life by making small manageable changes.

Kathy’s research for her book Avoiding Burnout, led her to a goldmine of knowledge on positive psychology - the science of happiness. She tested many strategies on how to shift her happiness level and to build resilience. In her talks she shares this knowledge – a variety of strategies to create a better life. She provides entertaining and honest feedback as to what worked and what impact these have had on her life.

Are you feeling that you are working harder and harder to build the life you want but seem to be getting further and further away from it? Do you feel stressed, dissatisfied and unhappy? Kathy’s talks provide refreshing insight to moving away from stress and towards peace. She provides a calming, coolheaded and personal approach to finding fulfilment and happiness. Kathy Mann is your guide towards a better life.

Kathy has a variety of talks on topics of wellness and living the best life possible.

Know Yourself to Succeed: This talk is based on the Know Yourself principle in Kathy’s book Avoiding Burnout. She shows the audience how to identify their unique talents, how to align yourself with work best suited to your strengths and the researched-based link between happiness and success. Kathy provides an understanding of building resilience and combatting stress by choosing the correct work.

Thriving Through Creativity: This talk is based on Kathy’s second principle in her book Avoiding Burnout. It centres around the benefits of creativity in our work and personal lives. The audience will gain an understanding of the benefits of creativity, the power of novelty and ideas of how to incorporate these essential elements into a busy life. Kathy provides insights gained on her experience of recovery from burnout and how creativity helped her to heal.

Prevent Burnout through Self-Care: This talk provides the audience an opportunity to identify the sources of stress in their lives. They will receive tools and ideas around self-care and stress reduction to boost the quality of their lives. Kathy offers great insights into how she got sick through inadequate self-care and stress and is passionate about guiding others towards living their best life possible.

Thriving through Meaning: This talk is based on Kathy’s drive to find a new career when stress caused her life to collapse. She talks about how she rebuilt her life, connected with her passion and transformed from a burnt-out business owner to a thriving writer and speaker. She provides the audience with personal experience and techniques she used to make this transition, and tools for implementing the principles into their lives.


Kathy provides each talk as a forty-minute keynote speech with question time afterwards, suitable for company year-end, women’s forums and team building events. Alternatively, she provides a twenty-minute talk on each topic with the key insights, ideal for an informal lunchtime staff event.

Kathy strongly believes in living your best life possible, aligning your talents to your work and building effective relationships. She acknowledges that making changes is difficult but by sharing her story, she aims to inspire others to make positive changes in their lives.

Kathy Speaks