Kathy offers workshops aligned to the Seven Principles of Self-Preservation in her book, Avoiding Burnout. They are designed to be interactive, allowing all participants to practice techniques of stress reduction and as a method of increasing happiness levels. Workshops are conducted in smaller groups as to enable better connection and more participation.

Know Yourself to Thrive: Kathy offers exercises and techniques to identify participants’ true qualities and strengths. Knowing ourselves is the first step in building a happy life and Kathy guides participants towards more clarity in identifying their authentic nature.

Explore Your Creative Side: This workshop is for anyone wanting to obtain the benefits of increased creativity and improved problem-solving. Kathy offers participants a research-based understanding of how creativity lowers stress and improves our wellbeing. This workshop offers participants a chance to get creative and have some fun.

Be True, Be Happy: In this workshop Kathy provides guidance to align our thoughts, words, deeds and moral compass. She encourages participants to align work with values and offers exercises to celebrate and connect with authenticity.

Connect with your Life Passion: In this workshop participants will explore their strengths, identify what brings them flow and address barriers in following their passions. Kathy provides tools to connect with our true talents and incorporate them into our daily lives.


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